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Tyler's Corner Calculators

We have created several tools to help you manage your financial resources. These calculators and planning tools are located to the right and will take you to forms that you may use to quickly calculate useful amounts and factors.

We have also included the links below. Just click on the title and it will take you to the tool.

Accumulation Planning Worksheet: Saving for retirement or a new home? See what to do now!

College Cost Estimator: How much will you have to pay for your children's education?

Gain (Loss) on Stock Holdings: Calculate returns on your investments.

Inflation Erodes Purchasing Power: See the effect that inflation has in the years ahead.

Interest Over Complete or Partial Loan Periods:  Do you wonder how much interest you are paying?

Investments and Living Standards:  What income will your investments generate?

Loan Calculator: Calculate Loan or Mortgage payments.

Loan Payments per Year:  Calculate your payments at various interest rates and see the effect of Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly Payments.

Need for Business Interruption Insurance:   How valuable are your key employees?

Rate of Return on Investment: Calculate Internal Rate of Return.