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Tax Planning & Preparation

We prepare business, estate, trust, and individual tax returns. More importantly, we provide focused federal and state tax consultation. Tax savings are often the hinge that opens the door of new opportunities.

Business Tax Services
Tax Preparation Tyler Lynch, P.C. provides business tax planning, consultation, and prepares business tax returns for clients. Since business taxes can take more than 40% of each taxable income dollar, Uncle Sam is a substantial minority partner in any money decision. We provide timely tax consultation and tax planning services before an important decision is made by our clients.

Some examples are the following:
  • Selecting the type of business entity: Ordinary Corporation, Limited Liability Company, S Corporation, Trust or other entity is a business tax decision.

  • Establishing employee fringe benefits such as retirement savings plans, health benefits, profit sharing plans is a business tax decision.

And so it goes. A valuable tax advisor not only knows the tax rules but can also bring a creative approach to solving business decisions that have income tax implications, which is almost every decision.

Individual Tax Services
Our experienced tax professionals are thoroughly trained and prepared to address all levels of complexity with respect to the preparation of individual tax returns and related filings. We provide proactive tax planning appropriate to the specific situation of each client. Because every client's needs are different, our services are customized to meet your needs. Our team pays careful attention to tax law developments in order to ensure compliance as well as discover planning opportunities for each client.