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Business Analysis & Consulting

Business Analysis

Tyler Lynch, PC professionals can help a client plan for the future of their business. We provide consultation and support in the design and implementation of strategic plans and reporting systems. Goals may include achieving business growth, monitoring cash flow, meeting short and long-term financial obligations, and other matters affecting the financial health of the business entity.

The objective of most businesses, especially in the startup phase, is to grow quickly and to become profitable as soon as possible. However, growth requires up Accounting and Auditingfront investment so that the entrepreneur can employ the people, facilities, marketing, and other needed resources. This requires the participation from investors and/or lenders. For lenders, the ultimate question is "Will I get paid back on time?" For investors the question is "When can I cash out and reap my profits?"

To obtain loans or financing, the business needs a strategic plan that describes how the objectives of the lenders and investors can be reached. A thorough strategic plan requires a financial forecast - that is where Tyler Lynch, P.C. can help. Forecasting operations requires an estimate of sales and costs, but forecasting the time when the lenders will be repaid and the investors can sell out requires the ability to create a cash forecast in addition to an operational plan.

We have helped many clients prepare financial forecasts to obtain financing and to increase profits. Our approach however, has a bonus for the client. Since we use a spreadsheet model to prepare the initial forecast, we turn over the model to the client to use on a continuing basis as an operational and cash activity budgeting tool! The forecast is the beginning. Then comes the measurement of actual results against the forecast so you can tell how you are doing and take required remedial action if future results deviate significantly from the forecast.

Business Consulting

Tyler Lynch, P.C. helps clients make better business decisions by helping clients spot potential risks and "trade-offs."

You have probably taken a test for color blindness where you are shown a complicated pattern on a page. Embedded within the pattern is a number, say the number 6. If you are not color blind you can see the number easily, but otherwise the number is lost to your view.

Business Consulting

Effective business counseling depends on the counselor discovering or recognizing a meaningful pattern that is not obvious to management. For example, in a service business, the accounting system may effectively track the use of materials but not personnel costs. In this example, personnel costs comprise 80% of all costs. If you do not know how productive the employees are compared to optimum performance, who cares about detailed tracking of material costs?

Where does Tyler Lynch, P.C. come into this picture?
We can discover meaningful patterns regarding your business activities. We have knowledge of accounting and tax rules, familiarity with other patterns of other clients in similar circumstances and the ability to create and implement new patterns which will benefit you in ways you had not considered.

We advise our clients in the following areas of business management:
  • Start-Up Assistance for New Ventures

  • Buy/Sell Agreements among Shareholders and Partners

  • Ownership, Capitalization and Reorganization Planning

  • Cost Reduction Programs

  • Compensation and Incentive Planning

  • Analysis of Insurance Coverage

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Budgeting

  • Break-even Analysis of Computer Applications